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This site is all about my new CD right now. It also includes links to most of the wonderful Cape Breton artists who supported this project. I encourage you to check out their on line worlds as well.

I have also begun to post a number of Blogs I have written about Cape Breton music & culture.

I hope you take the time to listen to some of the audio clips from my CD on the site. OK, let’s be frank, I really hope that you buy the CD so I can record more of these incredible songs in the future.


Songs of Home Release Party To Be Broadcast on CBC

Songs of Home was officially released at an event at the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club in late November. I was so pleased that the room was full, including a number of the writers who contributed to the CD. It was a terrific night!

Wendy Bergfeldt, from CBC, was also there recording some of the activity. CBC’s Island Echoes will be broadcasting some of the event action this Saturday, Jan. 10 @ 8:05 pm (AST). The show will also be available online by going to http://www.cbc.ca/islandechoes/



Songs of Home Receives Two ECMA Nominations

Holy hot smoking trash cans!... as my buddy Ralph would say. I was surprised, amused, honoured, amazed and more to learn that Songs of Home was nominated for two East Coast Music Awards today. The two categories I was nominated for are Folk Recording of the Year & Male Solo Recording of the Year. I mean really... How cool is that!

Then again, I had so much support from so many talented people in putting this project together. The writers on the project alone have received an amazing 60 ECMA’s, 4 Junos and 1 Grammy over the years.

Many thanks to all of you who have and continue to support the project.

For more ECMA information:


To The Max

By Laura Jean Grant - The Cape Breton Post

Max MacDonald pays tribute to Cape Breton songwriters - and they return the favour - on new album, Songs of Home

Click to enlarge image ...SYDNEY - A quick look down the list of support vocalists on Max MacDonald's new album is a testament to the high esteem in which he is held in Cape Breton's musical community.

The CD, Songs of Home, features MacDonald singing the songs of J.P. Cormier, Leon Dubinsky, Bruce Guthro, Buddy MacDonald, Steve MacDougall, Ronnie MacEachern, Rita MacNeil, Matt Minglewood, Sam Moon, Jimmy Rankin, Gordie Sampson and Duncan Wells - who also all agreed to sing backup vocals on their respective tracks. Quite a list.

"We're so fortunate. We've got one Grammy-winning songwriter in Cape Breton but we could have 10. They're all just so good at the craft of songwriting so I had a tremendous catalogue to choose from and these are fabulous songs," said MacDonald. "And how fortunate I was. Everybody I called said ‘Yeah, I'd like to do that. That's a great idea.'"