Beyond the Spotlight- Stephen Muise

230 PICT0103Stephen Muise is a music educator, Choir Director, Band Leader, Technical Director and freelance touring piano player. He’s one seriously talented busy guy! I found out first hand a few years ago why he in such demand. We were mounting a Cape Breton Summertime Revue reunion and Stephen agreed to join us.

He showed up for the first rehearsal knowing every piece of music in the show and then preceded to arrange vocal harmonies with the ease of someone who is extremely knowledgeable and comfortable in their skin. All of this and he played keyboards, sang beautifully and was tons of fun to be around. “Who ya gonna call?” Another Cape Breton musical Ghostbuster!

Over the last 15 years, he has performed with artists such as Rita MacNeil, The Rankin Family, Bruce Gouthro and Matt Minglewood, and has recorded with many more.  For the past few years Stephen has also served as Assistant Conductor & Band Leader with the famous Cape Breton coal miners’ choir, "The Men of the Deeps"

Stephen has been able to do all of this and be a full time music educator. I’ve heard him speak of his students’ musical accomplishments with the smile and pride of someone who really cares. All students should be so lucky!

Stephen also finds time to help out with numerous community projects. He is a mainstay on the Christmas Daddies Telecast and keen supporter of the Wendy Muise Foundation that provides young artists with bursaries to help further their studies.

While researching this blog I came across this great video of the “Three Pianos” Show that features all three of the musicians I’ve written about so far in the “Beyond the Spotlight” series. Check out Stephen Muise, Al Bennett (base guitar) & Aaron Lewis along with the wonderful Johnny Aucoin.