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Max MacDonald has been at the forefront of Cape Breton music through his role as a founding member of Buddy & the Boys, The Rise & Follies of Cape Breton Island, The Cape Breton Summertime Revue and the Celtic Colours International Festival.

This CD features the songs and support vocals of: J.P. Cormier, Leon Dubinsky, Bruce Guthro, Buddy MacDonald, Steve MacDougall, Ronnie MacEachern, Rita MacNeil, Matt Minglewood, Sam Moon, Jimmy Rankin, Gordie Sampson and Duncan Wells.


Songs of Home Track List

  • 1. Old Man
  • 2. Girls of Neils Harbou
  • 3. Joseph
  • 4. Midnight Angel
  • 5. Spanish Bay
  • 6. Josephine
  • 7. Me & the Boys
  • 8. Songsmith
  • 9. Gilgary's Glen
  • 10. We Remember You Well
  • 11. Small Town Wind
  • 12. Go Off On Your Way

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