Beyond the Spotlight - Aaron Lewis

Aaron LewisIn my previous blog, I introduced you to Cape Breton sideman supreme, Al Bennett. Today I want to introduce you to another Cape Breton go to musician, Aaron Lewis. Al and Aaron are kind of like Cape Breton musical Ghost Busters in that regard. “Who ya gonna call?”

Like many Cape Breton artists, Aaron comes from a musical family (is it the water here?). In Aaron’s case this is plural. His Father & Uncle were professional touring musicians and his Mom had lots of music in her family as well.

Aaron is an amazing piano player and terrific singer but never met an instrument he didn’t like. I guess it was a very natural thing for young Aaron to become a professional musician when he was 16. Three years later, he became the second Lewis lad to join the Carelton Show Band (his Dad had played with them for many years).

Aaron left the road in 1997 to come home and get married. This made a lot of musicians very happy and he immediately found himself in the middle of all things musical. He began to play with John Allan Cameron and the Laurel Martell Band.

He helped found the very popular “Three Pianos" group and became a regular in the Christmas Daddies house band. Aaron branched out into producing and performing in dinner theatre and CDs for other artists.

All of his work is done with little fan fare because Aaron is such a modest man. For him, it’s all about the music and not the hype that sometimes accompanies it. This positive attitude and large talent are why other musicians love to play with him.

I’m really pleased that Aaron has recently released a new CD called “Discovering Gold." A single was just released country-wide so he may not be beyond the spotlight for long. Either way, I’m sure he’ll still be there to help fellow musicians sound great.