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Following are some customer comments about the Songs of Home CD:

"I got the CD a couple of weeks ago and haven't taken it out of my car's player since!!! Congratulations on an excellent product and I will look forward to more!!!!!"

- Valarie
 "I have already purchased this CD...it is fabulous!! I would recommend that all Cape Bretoners go buy this CD.... Max did excellent work on this CD."
- Carole

"I haven't stopped playing the CD since I purchased it from you last week. It's beautiful!! Congratulations! I've been a fan of yours since forever - and as Jude says, ''anything that man touches, turns to gold''. This piece of work is no exception."

- Linda
"I'm so happy you included Small Town Wind and while Go Off On Your Way became a bit of a novelty song there for a while, your voice along with today's headlines make it heartbreaking once again. Congrats on a great disc."
- Jay
 "Great! Played the song for Jen and she was blown away as well. I did the "guess the artist" game and she was stumped. Felt she knew the voice but just couldn't connect the dots. Eagerly awaiting more."
- Troy
"Great stuff! You should be proud. Although there are some songs I like better than others (so far, Midnight Angel and Spanish Bay are my faves) there is not one I dislike - can't think of many albums I can say that about. Congratulations."
- Steve
 "Wow! I've listened to the CD through a couple of times now and I love it more and more with each listen. Congrats on a fantastic piece of work. "Go Off On Your Way" hit me very deeply ...although I've heard the song many times, your voice, your interpretation and your arrangement conjured up emotions like I was hearing it for the first time...a fine finish. I can tell that this CD will be in my player for a long time to come."
- Terry
 " ... it's a fabulous recording, in every which way, great arrangements and J.P. is magnificent. Also, the treatment the songwriters were able to add was very interesting for the listener to hear."
- Eric